VIMMXX Starring Agnese Claisse

VIMMXX Starring Agnese Claisse

“I didn’t refuse often enough” I could I have done even less than what I did.

“There is no romance here, but you may have brought with you.” There are plums, tough.

“We know too much about people in these days; we hear too much” I would hate that to happen to me.

“You must often displease other” To please yourself.
(Henry James and Agnese Claisse)


Featuring Actress Agnese Claisse

Written by Alessio de'Navasques

Photography Peppe Tortora

Creative direction by Valentina Ilardi

Clothes by VI MMXX styled with Agnese’s own wardrobe

Fashion coordinator Marco Serangeli

Hairstyling and makeup by Marta Ricci @ Simone Belli Academy

Project coordinator Maria Cristina Bastante

Fashion assistants Raven Narvaiz, Nelly Ciobanu, Alex Sinato

Location Greyhouse

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VIMMXX Starring Carlotta Antonelli

VIMMXX Starring Carlotta Antonelli