Based upon the Henry James novel from which it takes its name, Portrait of a Lady is VI MMXX’s first digital project, envisioned by Alessio de’Navasques and entirely dedicated to the portrayal of contemporary femininity. The vision comes to life through a gallery comprised of creative women, artists who embody some of the fundamental values of the brand such as sensibility and the capacity to re-invent oneself in any situation, allowing them to be mavericks at any given time.

The words of Isabel Archer, the novel’s protagonist, are used as a form of beginning, of an ideal dialogue in which the lapse of time disappears, rather becomes a suggestion for the portrayed women, the trigger for new discoveries made through spontaneous connections in a process of free introspection: an abstract narration, a flow of creative inventive that generates the telling of what each woman makes of herself.

Video and photography are used in a dystopic and undefined manner, a mosaic of dots and images wielded as if they were brush strokes compose a broken down and fragmented alfresco that slowly reveals the depths of the chosen female protagonists. Envisioned as an open piece, the project allows the vibrant nature found in James’ text –a basis for the stream of consciousness – to offer multiple answers, re-elaborations, interpretations, and reactions of the female protagonists, ultimately creating an imaginary scenario that is home to the female artistic thought and expression.

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